About Us

About Us

Tailour was conceived from a desire to forge a closer relationship between consumers and independent fashion designers. Our passion and goal is to build a community where both designers and consumers can work towards greater interconnectedness and understanding.



At Tailour, we believe in the importance of expressing each individual’s uniqueness that wholly encapsulates who you are — your style, personality and identity through the clothes you wear. 

Against the tide of fast fashion and retail homogeneity, Tailour leads the everyday consumer to discover fresh pieces from our designers, each with their own artistic interpretations of what fashion is to them. Most importantly, each piece can be customised to your exact measurements and preferences, fitting you perfectly.

Each piece that you purchase goes a long way in helping designers build their brand. When you support our designers, the local fashion scene grows as well, giving fashion designers here more potential and opportunities to develop their brand.

At the end of the day, Tailour is more than a platform selling designers’ pieces. We’re here to connect you with designers, personalise your shopping experience and provide a variety of fashion-related services. 

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Tailour understands the struggles designers face when stepping into the world of fashion — finding a consumer base, production, and other unrelenting obstacles. We want to make this process less arduous. Every designer deserves an opportunity to express themselves creatively through their designs, without compromising their originality and independence as designers with their own distinct brand and style.

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